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Messing Gallery presents Museum Deluxe
to Jan 23

Messing Gallery presents Museum Deluxe

  • MICDS School, The Messing Gallery (map)
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The Messing Gallery located on the campus of the Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day School (MICDS) presents, "Interiors and Exteriors" paintings by Albert Yowshien Kuo.

This series of paintings is an exploration on the traditions of still life combined with the grandeur of architectural structures.  The images include copies of master paintings along with the still-life subjects.  The scale and proportion was designed to encourage belonging and preciousness with items that are close to us. 

Opening Reception is Sunday, Oct. 26th beginning at 3:00pm



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The Pearl Gallery presents new abstract works by Albert Yowshien Kuo
to Dec 31

The Pearl Gallery presents new abstract works by Albert Yowshien Kuo



Opening Reception | Friday Oct. 3rd, 2014. 5:30 - 7:30 pm

Pearl Gallery presents "Meridian," a solo exhibition by up-and-coming St. Louis artist Albert Yowshein Kuo. Kuo's latest body of work is refined, contemplative, and seductive and complements the adjoining Montessori environment.

Kuo's “Meridian” was chosen by a select panel of artists and Montessori educators. Kuo's work embodies key aspects of Pearl Gallery's mission "to educate the senses," most notably through Kuo's paint-handling skills and multiple-layered approach to image making. In "Meridian," each abstract piece is visually rich in texture and dialogue, with the layers of paint acting like different instruments in a symphony.

Kuo is especially pleased to be a part of the inaugural exhibition for Pearl Gallery and to reconnect with his roots in Montessori education, having attended a primary classroom from ages three to seven. He is honored to have his work recognized as art that can inform the senses, helping even the youngest of viewers to have a relationship with art. Says Kuo, "When we look carefully into the abstraction, we find our own personal meanings."

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to Oct 25

Constructed Visions

  • The St. Louis Artists Guild (map)
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CONSTRUCTED VISIONS juried byErin Furimsky

St. Louis Artists Guild

Opening reception | Friday September 12, 2014 6:00 - 8:30pm

Constructed Visions is a juried exhibition of sculpture and fine craft from artisans around the country, including work in ceramics, fibers, glass, paper, metal and wood. This exhibition features both traditional and non-traditional, functional and non-functional approaches to sculpture and fine craft.

Juror's Statement

I am proud to have had the opportunity to act as juror for the St. Louis Artists’ Guild’s exhibition Constructed Visions. It was an honor to be trusted with this job. As the call for entry stated the show was open to many different media, both traditional and non-traditional approaches to these materials, and functional and non-functional forms. As one would expect, a range of widely divergent works — from traditional vessels and jewelry, to figurative sculpture and installation — were all represented. In the end, I chose 64 works, and to do so required eliminating some very fine pieces. There were many outstanding works to choose from. Quite frankly, the final choices reflect my own set of prejudices and opinions about contemporary clay, fiber, wood, metal, glass, found objects, paper, and mixed media. I gravitated towards sculptural abstract works with implied narratives, a strong understanding of one’s chosen material, a sense of craftsmanship and personal vision, and attention to detail. Coming from the field of ceramics, I also have a deep appreciation for works rooted in function with a flair for design. — Erin Furimsky

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